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Biblical Blueprints is a Christian ministry driven by passion for God’s glory, confidence in God’s Word, dependence upon God’s grace, and faith in God’s plans. Our vision is to find and lay out the Bible’s blueprints so they can be applied by individuals, families, churches, and nations. We do this through research, writing, literature distribution, leadership training, coaching, and teaching. Our goal is to equip Christians with God’s blueprints for life so they will live for His glory

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The following books are currently in production:

  • Seeing history with new eyes
  • An Hour of Prayer, A Practical Guide to 12 Kinds of Prayer
  • Torture: A Biblical Critique
  • The Flaw of Natural Law
  • Written on Your Heart, An Approach to Extended Memorization of Scripture
  • Leader Development A Mentoring Checklist for Sons and Young Men
  • Has God Indeed Said? The Preservation of the Text of the New Testament
  • The Canon of Scripture, Volume 1 Biblical Presuppositions
  • Mature Daughters, A Mentoring Checklist for Daughters and Young Women
  • The Problem of Evil: A dialogue
  • Getting Christians Back Into Politics
  • Prayers for Spiritual Warfare
  • How to Deal with Objections to Inerrancy
  • Ministerial Training and Biblical Romance
  • Is the Death Penalty Just?

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