Biblical Resources on Immigration

Podcasts and audio articles on what Scripture really says about the sojourner
Modern immigration restrictions are nothing more than social engineering of the market: who gets to work and who doesn’t. And all their purpose is to give more power to the government. Those who believe it is all for “protection” do not understand the reality of immigration restrictions. There is no more protection in immigration restrictions than there is regulations for setting up lemonade stands.

We hope these biblical resources on immigration will help you better understand what God’s word says regarding immigration, the sojourner, the traveler, and those among you in need of care. Christians should care about these policies and fight for justice in their nation.

Immigration Lecture Series – Bojidar Marinov

This is a series of 3 lectures and a Q&A that Bojidar Marinov gave at Church Of The King on the issue of immigration in America.

Podcast Episodes and Audio Articles

Here are several episodes from podcasts on our network, as well as a couple audio articles addressing various issues surrounding immigration.

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