Book of First John (Lesson 6) Loving Others, Man’s Conscience, and Answered Prayers

by | Feb 24, 2017 | All, Master, Moral Foundations


Jeremy Walker


This is lesson 6 of the systematic Bible study of the Book of First John which covers 1 John 3:13-24. Practical advice is given to parents and teachers on how to teach these verses, and important doctrines are pointed out and discussed. The doctrines being covered are: #1 – The World will hate the saints, and this is something that should be expected.#2 – Loving fellow believers is a key indicator that one is truly saved. #3 – The true believer does not just say that they love others, but they purposefully help those that are truly in need if they are able to help. #4 – God’s Word, not man’s conscience, is their guide and confidence of eternal life. #5 – Anything that the true believers ask of God will be given to them.


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