Book of First John (Lesson 2) Sin, Liars, and Walking in the Light

by | Feb 20, 2017 | All, Master, Moral Foundations


Jeremy Walker


This is lesson 2 of the systematic Bible study of the Book of First John which covers 1 John 2:1-11. Practical advice is given to parents and teachers on how to teach these verses, and important doctrines are pointed out and discussed. The doctrines being covered are: #1 – Abstaining from sin is a top priority for the believer. #2 – Christians that sin have Jesus Christ as their advocate before God the Father. #3 – Jesus Christ’s death, burial, and resurrection was the price of man’s redemption and the appeasement of God’s wrath on man. #4 – Jesus died for men from all nationalities, and tongues, the saints do not have a physical racial identity. #5 – Man’s actions, not his profession, reveal if he has fellowship with God the Father, and has been cleansed of His sins. #6 – The Old and New Testaments are not two testaments, but ONE. They are the same message. The difference between the two testaments is clarity of the message, not the content. #7 – How men treat other men reveals if he has fellowship with God the Father, and has been cleansed of His sins. #8 – Those that hate and abuse others, and also have a continual pattern of unrepentant disobedience to God, are blinded by their sins and they can not see, or know the truth.


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