Firefall – Joe Salant, featuring John Ryan Cantu

by | Jan 25, 2018 | Recon Records, Master

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The Civil War was our AD 70
We have always been our own greatest enemy
Black chattel slavery enchains our memory
Covenantal sanctions, now pay the penalty

750,000 corpses
Left to rot in the sun with the slaughtered horses,
And their necks bore crosses while they cause the
Scarred black backs from their whips across them

Breed the women, rip their children from them
to punish the mother then kill them in front of them
Injustice established in ways so repulsive
The slave codes read on the Lord’s day from the pulpits

And the major culprits wore clerical collars
Exchanged the Gospel for perishing dollars
The lessons of this saga remain unlearned
Church Repent! Yet we have not turned.
Let the Fire Fall.

Lord, Let Your Fire Fall, Consume it all
Let Your Fire Rain
Lord, Let Your Fire Fall
Consume it all
Glorify Your Name

So it’s the land of the not free and home of the slaves
3,500 babies were murdered today
Half a million orphans interned by the state
Because the churches have turned them away

A standing army with executive rights patrols
The pagan state where blacks today still get sold
To the prison system, where one in three will live
While the Moloch State breeds their kids

It’s the religion of death!

You know police were made to hunt slaves?
And today? Well ain’t much changed,
Blood stains the amber waves of grain,
The plantations of the fruited plains
Where the truth is exchanged
Humanism is the root that’s ingrained
The wicked branches where the fruit is pain
And ruthless gain!
The end game when Jesus is rejected
We get oppressed by the king we selected

Lord, Let Your Fire Fall; Consume it all
Let Your Fire Rain
Lord, Let Your Fire Fall
Consume it all
Glorify Your Name

Bridge: Bojidar Marinov / Axe to the Root Clip (Prison Industrial Complex)

When the Law of God is mocked, and you think you can do it best
Just know the idols of the state always require human flesh
And whatever lawlessness that gets established for the rest
Will be the same trap that snags us by the neck

So you imagine a different law for the foreigner?
Don’t be surprised when the state is at your door with their warriors

Oh glorious King Jesus we appeal to heaven
Through this dark land we wield your weapons

Put the Axe to the Root!
Like Samson, collapsing the roof
On these pastors that will pass on the truth

Rebellion to tyrants must start in the church
With the false shepherds that defile the Word

Use the Gospel to serve…their buildings
While right down the street is where they murder children

When this lightless lampstand hits zero on the clock
What will replace it will be built on the Rock
Let the Fire Fall

Lord, Let Your Fire Fall; Consume it all
Let Your Fire Rain
Lord, Let Your Fire Fall
Consume it all
Glorify Your Name

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