The Folly of the Modern Immigration Debate

by | Dec 27, 2016 | All, Axe to the Root, Master


Bojidar Marinov


For most – if not all – defenders of immigration restrictions and control, the immigration restrictions are some abstract reality out there, and if “we just obey the law,” there would be no problems, and everything will be alright. What is always missed is that behind these abstract immigration laws they want to see enforced, there is an institutional arrangement, and that institutional arrangement is just as destructive to America as are the government schools. And certainly more destructive to America than any threat open borders could involve.


Assigned Reading

This week it’s assigned listening:
Bojidar Marinov’s lectures on Biblical Immigration. Check them out on and in their podcast feed (look way back!)

Immigration and The Sabbath
History of the Immigration Laws in the U.S. and the West
Logical and Theological Analysis of the Anti-Immigration Ideology of Modern Conservatives
Immigration Conference Q&A


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