Westminster's Confession: The Abandonment of Van Til's Legacy

That You May Prosper: Dominion By Covenant

By Ray Sutton | Read by Devan Lindsey

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God desires for this people to prosper. He desires for his people to live in the full blessings of the Kingdom. Unfortunately, because most Christians hove not understood the nature of the covenant, they have pursued those blessings in an entirely un-Biblical fashion. They have resorted to the pop-psychology of positive thinking, or the pop-sociology of positive imaging, or the pop-theology of positive confession. The author demonstrates that only by keeping the terms of the covenant will Christians truly prosper. Utilizing careful and detailed Biblical exposition, and practical and lucid Biblical application, he shows just how God desires for us to obtain our promised victory. But he not only shows us all the hows of the covenant, he shows us all the whats, whens, wheres and whys as well.

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