Westminster's Confession: The Abandonment of Van Til's Legacy

Victory in Jesus: The Bright Hope of Postmillennialism

By Greg Bahnsen | Read by Dan and Becky Knopp
We have just ended a century dominated by a multitude of failed prophecies from those who looked to be raptured out of a collapsing world at any moment. The dawning of a new millennium will hopefully cause the Church to pause and consider whether these discredited prophets should be hooted off the stage. Victory in Jesus: The Bright Hope of Postmillennialism offers a sober and faithful examination of Scripture while clearly demonstrating that Christians have every reason to expect the victory of Jesus and the triumph of the gospel as the Great Commission is fulfilled on earth.

The first three chapters (edited from lectures delivered by Dr. Bahnsen), offer a simple and easy to understand presentation of eschatology in general and especially postmillennial eschatology. These chapters are foundational and provide an excellent start for the person who wants a survey of the topic without too much technical or theological language. The last two chapters build on this foundation and layout a more advanced and in-depth explanation of the postmillennial position.

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