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Rev. Jeremy Walker


The First Commandment and the Shema Israel – Episode #5

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The Wheel of Reconstruction

1. Category:Accusations Against Theonomy

“The most common one I hear is that we don’t need the mosaic law anymore because God has written His law on our hearts. So, now we just need to follow our hearts, we don’t need to uphold any other standard than that.“

2. Category: Accusations Against Theonomy

“If theonomy were in practice today, there would be a bloodbath due to all the people that would have to be put to death.“

3. Category: Theonomy In Practice

“Death investigation constitutes a heavy responsibility, and as such, let no person deter you from the truth and your own personal commitment to see that justice is done. Not only for the deceased, but for the surviving family as well. And remember; You’re Working For God.“ Lt. Cmdr. (Ret.) Vernon J. Gerbeth

Thou Shalt Not Kill – The Fifth Commandment Book of Exodus, 20 of the Holy Bible


The First Commandment and the Shema Israel

1. “In this declaration, God identifies Himself, first as the LORD, the self-existent and absolute One. Second He reminds Israel that He is their Savior, and that their relationship to Him (“thy God”) is therefore one of grace. God chose Israel, not Israel, God.“ Pg. 15

2. “Third, the law is given to the people of grace. Giving the law is a form of grace to the people of grace…..The law is given to the people saved by grace as their way of grace, to set forth the privilege and blessing of the covenant.” Pg.15

3. “Fourth, it follows, then, that the first response of grace, as well as the first principle of the law, is this, “Thou shalt have no other gods before me.” Pg.15

4. “First,the reason for the giving of these commandments is to awaken the fear of God, and that fear might prompt obedience.” Pg.16

5. “Because God is God, the absolute Lord and lawgiver, fear of God is the essence of sanity and common sense. To depart from a fear of God is to lack any sense of reality.” Pg.16

6. “Second,“The maintenance of the fear of God would bring prosperity, and the increase of the nation promised to the fathers. . . . The increase of the nation had been promised to the patriarchs from the very first (Gen. xii. 1; . . . cf. Lev. xxvi. 9).” It is therefore necessary to maintain this fear and obedience from generation to generation.” Pg. 16

7. “The consequences for law of this fact are total: it means one God, one law. The premise of polytheism is that we live in a multiverse, not a universe, that a variety of law orders and hence lords exist, and that man cannot therefore be under one law except by virtue of imperialism. Modern legal positivism denies the existence of any absolute; it is hostile, because of its relativism, to the concept of a universe and of a universe of law.” P. 17

8. “Instead, societies of men exist, each with its order of positive law, and each order of law lacks any absolute or universal validity.”Pg.17

9. “Even more, because an absolute law is denied, it means that the only universal law possible is an imperialistic law, a law imposed by force and having no validity other than the coercive imposition. The only true law in a multiverse is power/coercion.” P.17

10. “A relativistic, pragmatic law has no premise for missionary activity: the “truth” it proclaims is no more valid than the “truth” held by the people it seeks to unite to itself.” Pg.17

11. “Under pragmatic law, it is held that every man is his own law system, because there is no absolute overarching law order. But this means anarchy.” Pg.17

12. “It can speak of love, but there is no ground calling love more valid than hate. Indeed, the Marquis de Sade logically saw no crime in murder; on nominalistic, relativistic grounds, what could be wrong with murder? If there is no absolute law, then every man is his own law.”

13. “The law forbids man’s self-law: “ Pg.18

14. “The Joachimite heresy has deeply infected the church. According to this heresy, the first age of man was the age of the Father, the age of justice and the law. The second age was the age of the Son, of Christianity, of the church, and of grace. The third age is the age of the Spirit, when men become gods and their own law.” Pg.18

15. “One “evangelistic” association given to campus work has actually taught that “the law was given by Satan.” (Reported by this writer’s daughter, from a course taught on campus by a leader of this movement.) Such a position can only be described as blasphemy. “ Pg.19

16. “The alternative to law is not grace; it is lawlessness.” Pg.20


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