Idaho State Senator Dan Foreman Discusses His Abortion Murder Bill

by | Jan 25, 2017 | Abolitionist Radio, All, Master


Scott Herndon



In an interview in the Boise capitol office of Idaho state senator Dan Foreman, the senator explains his ideology behind his bill that he is introducing to the Idaho senate that will prosecute all abortions as 1st degree murder and attempted abortions as attempted murder.

Various newspapers have reported, and the senator has said, that there would only be an exception to prosecution for murder if the mother’s life is in immediate danger, but he has not disclosed what the language of that exception is.

This interview focuses on his motivation for the bill and the response he has gotten from constituents. He also talks about the bill’s prospects in the Idaho senate. Part of the discussion revolves around the state of Idaho’s ability to protect innocent life even when the federal courts remain contrary to Idaho on that matter.



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