Indiana HB 1134 – Abolishing Abortion in Indiana

by | Jan 11, 2017 | Abolitionist Radio, All, Master


Scott Herndon


An interview with Representative Curt Nisly of Indiana’s district 22, who just introduced to the Indiana legislature house bill 1134 that will eliminate from Indiana Code all regulations of human abortion. With this bill, all abortions in Indiana would be against Indiana’s state murder statutes, and dismemberment abortions in particular, would be subject toa life sentence without parole or the death penalty.

AllĀ  abortions, all intentional killings of preborn human beings from the moment of conception would be subject to Indiana’s felony murder statutes, no matter how the preborn child is killed nor where (inside or outside the womb) the preborn child is killed.

Included in the bill are three sections that particulary deploy and direct defiance of the federal government.

Representative Curt Nisly explains the bill on the program and also tells us a little about his background and his other legislative priorities.




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