Hosts: Scott and Arlene Herndon

Summary: Interview with Darrell Castle, Constitution Party POTUS Candidate 2016

We interview Darrell castle, one of the founders of the Constitution Party with Howard Phillips in 1992. Darrell is the party’s candidate for President in 2016. In this interview , he speaks specifically on the constitutional right of the executive branch and of states to defy the authority of the Supreme Court.

He also talks about his 7 presidential election cycles experiencing prominent Christians say that the Constitution Party’s candidates are the best for POTUS but that these prominent Christians must rather vote for what is essentially a “lesser of two evils”.

Darrell talks about the need for the Church to humble themselves before God according to 2 Chronicales 7;14, and that the Church ought to apply the standards of several specific scriptures as they vote for political candidates.


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