Joseph Foreman – The Executive Branch of Mosaic Government

by | Apr 10, 2019 | Master, All, No Neutrality


Joseph Foreman


The Law of Moses was designed for Self Government. Bojidar is wrong: Moses does have an executive, it is the individual self governed by God who has the final say on what judgments will be executed and which judgments ignored and which judgments directly opposed. The reason the prophets held the evil of Kings and Priests against the people is not because they stood as representatives of the people but because the people permitted them to usurp the mosaic call in the life of the congregation (mirroring Matthew 18, and 20:25) and pass their own judgment. The Ark had to be steadied, who else was going to execute judgment in Israel after all? And the People stood by and let them oppress the poor, the weak and the needy rather than stepping up to assume their rightful place as a jury of the executive.


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