Man at the Gate

Biblical Discussions of Culture, Law, and Political Theory with Carey Appling

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About Man at the Gate

The Gates of the City were once a prominent place and very much the core of a Biblical Society. The Levites read the Law at the Gates, godly men were known to spend time here as well learning from cases as judges rendered verdicts according to God’s Law. Culture was discussed here and even God’s Law was written on the frame of the Gate.

The Gates in Israel were once the core of city life, men before and after hard days of work would swing by the gates to hear about news, events, verdicts and art. They could ask a Levite to explain a case law or any other questions they had in regard to The Law. Justice was in a very real sense bound up at this place.

It is time that men begin to gather at the heavenly gates and read the Law, discuss events, judge cases, expound upon the nuance of the Law and how it applies to us today. Very little is done in this area. God’s people may understand His Law but they do not understand how it applies in our culture.

So come, take a rest from your hard work and let us reason from the Scriptures as we make sense of the world around us, not according to our own understanding, but according to the Word of God, rightly
applied. Hopefully, when you leave the Gate you will be ready and fully equipped with God’s Word, His Law and ready to judge all things as a spiritual man.

Ready to break the foundations of the demonic strongholds both in the world but also in your own life?

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    November 26, 2018
    Covenantal Vomit: The Moral Imperative to Deconstruct and Reconstruct

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