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Reconstructionist Radio – Reformed Podcast Network

The Reconstructionist Radio podcast network is a Reformed network that includes a collection of shows that provide content relevant to all believers, primarily focused on practical applications of Biblical principles. In the network you’ll find interviews with well-known leaders in the Reformed community, global missions updates, discipleship lectures, cultural analysis and commentary, and more.

Latest Episodes

Our Response to God’s Sovereignty

Host Russell Traweek Description In this episode, Russell Traweek, pastor of Christ Covenant Church in Sweeny, TX leads us in a discussion on how our response to God's sovereignty affect us, our purpose in work, and our responsibility in the present and the future....

Committees and Crises

Host Joshua Black Description Joshua covers the committee meetings that took place on January 10. Transcript Hello, Everyone, and welcome to the 2nd edition of the Saint Petersburg, Florida, Area News Podcast in 2019. I’m your host, Joshua Black, and today...

How Christianity Invented the Future

Host Bojidar Marinov Description Jesus had a view of the future that scandalized both Gentiles and Jews. Assigned Reading: Is the World Running Down? Crisis in the Christian Worldview by Gary North Transcript Welcome to Episode 81 of Axe to the Root Podcast, part of...

Tucumcari Area News for the Week of Monday, January 7th, 2019

Host Gordan Runyan Description Don't fool yourself into thinking the gun-grabbing leftists are all on one coast or the other. There are few leftists like Santa Fe leftists, and this week, we review one of their own articles, detailing their current plans to chip away...

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  • by-this-standard-greg-bahnsen-reconstructionist-radio
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  • conspiracy-in-philadelphia-gary-north-reconstructionist-radio
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Latest Episodes

Psalm 35: Who is Like the Lord?

Music By Steve Layfield Description ‘Who is like the Lord?’ Let all His noble saints be heard; For soon the poor He’ll sanctify and set at liberty. Then we who in Christ abide, with hearts fulfilled and satisfied, Will hear God’s name be magnified in...

Psalm 34: I Will Bless the Lord Each Moment

Music By Steve Layfield Description I will bless the Lord each moment, Every day He sends to me. All the humble, as they listen, Will rejoice exceedingly. Sing and shout then altogether, Celebrate in song with me, You whose faces now are shining After...

Psalm 33: Rejoice You Saints, Rejoice in God

Music By Steve Layfield Description Rejoice you saints, rejoice in God; Such praise is beautiful and right. Make melody with harp, drum and horn – Play skilfully; play with delight. His mighty works betray His truth; We comprehend them by His word. Open...

Psalm 32: The Blessing of Forgiveness

Music By Steve Layfield Description How blessed are they whose lives display The joy of pardoned sin, For whom beguiling self-deceit No longer reigns within; Who, when the solemn hand of God Upon them heavy lay, Confessed their rebel foolishness And from...

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