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Reconstructionist Radio – Reformed Podcast Network

The Reconstructionist Radio podcast network is a Reformed network that includes a collection of shows that provide content relevant to all believers, primarily focused on practical applications of Biblical principles. In the network you’ll find interviews with well-known leaders in the Reformed community, global missions updates, discipleship lectures, cultural analysis and commentary, and more.

Latest Episodes

Tucumcari Area News for the Week of Dec. 31, 2018

Host Gordan Runyan Description City Commissioner Moya started an interesting discussion at the last Tucumcari City Commission meeting. In this short podcast we begin to answer his questions on economic development, from a Biblical perspective. If you know Commissioner...

Child Sex Slave in the King State

Hosts Joe Salant Description Child rape kingpin Jeffrey “Sex Island” Epstein gets one year in prison for his unspeakable crimes that the Bible prescribes swift death penalty for, while 16 year old child sex slave Cyntoia Brown is almost 20 years into a life sentence...

Christian Reformation and Reconstruction Part 1

Host Russell Traweek Description In this episode, Russell Traweek introduces through a recent sermon series a foundational discussion on why we need to learn about the heresies and Church history and they were answered and combatted by individuals and councils through...

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  • conspiracy-in-philadelphia-gary-north-reconstructionist-radio
  • Westminsters-Confession-reconstructionist-radio
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Latest Episodes

Psalm 29: Give to the Lord, You Mighty Saints

Music By Steve Layfield Description Give to the Lord you mighty saints who know Him, Give unto Him great glory as you fight; For He alone is worthy of great honour And must be duly hallowed in your sight. The voice of God commands the mighty waters, His...

Psalm 28: Unto You, O Lord, My Rock I Call

Music By Steve Layfield Description Unto You, O Lord, my Rock I call, Don’t be silent to my cry; If the words I set before Your throne Be unheard I’d rather die! Hear my humble cry for mercy See these hands before Your face; Living God of all the universe...

Psalm 27: God, My Salvation and Light

Music By Steve Layfield Description God, my salvation and light Holds me secure in His hand, He is the strength of my life as I fight With those who against me stand. Though a great army confronts me Fearless, my heart shall upon Him depend Fearless, my...

Psalm 26: Vindicate Me, Lord!

Music By Steve Layfield Description Vindicate me Lord For Your holy word I have set before my pathway As a safeguard when my feet stray; Surely You can see My integrity! Keep my mind and heart Wholly set apart, Looking to Your loving kindness, Shunning...

Chapter 8: Lili Baehr

Author | Narrator  Gail G Nordskog | Hosts of The Monstrous Regiment Podcast See the other chapters Notes...

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