Psalm 16: O God, Preserve and Keep Me

by | Nov 6, 2018 | Psalter 21, All

Music By

Steve Layfield


O God, preserve and keep me
For You alone are Lord;
Apart from You my righteousness
Is worthless filthy fraud.
Upon the earth Your children
Are lovely to behold –
How excellent are Your pilgrims,
More than treasures of gold!

That man who trusts in idols
Mere phantoms of the mind,
Will find his sorrows multiplied
For happ’ly being blind.
Jehovah is my portion,
His heritage is mine –
How excellent is His blessing,
More than finest new wine!

My counsel is from heaven –
The way ahead I see
Throughout the watches of the night
The Father teaches me.
In hope my heart rejoices,
The grave is not my goal –
How excellent is His promise
Full redemption of all!


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