Psalm 17: O Lord, Attend to This My Prayer

by | Nov 6, 2018 | Psalter 21, All

Music By

Steve Layfield


O Lord, attend to this my prayer and hear my humble cry;
Send vindication from Your throne, then with Your searching eye
Come try the wellspring of my heart and daily be my guide
For I have purposed that these lips be upright and sanctified!

As I behold the broken ways of all humanity,
Whose swollen hearts and crooked mouths betray great vanity;
Uphold my footsteps in Your path and guard the words I say,
For many rise against me Lord as lions pursue their prey.

Beneath the shadow of Your wings I find security;
Here, as the apple of Your eye, I live triumphantly.
Wielding the living word of Jesus Christ, God’s only Son,
Whose loving kindness in my heart equips me to overcome!

From every wicked scheme of man, O Lord, deliver me;
Confront the rebel in His way then let Your servant see
The face of Him who for His faithful saints was crucified
When I at last arise and stand, forgiven and glorified!


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