Psalm 26: Vindicate Me, Lord!

by | Dec 14, 2018 | Psalter 21, All

Music By

Steve Layfield


Vindicate me Lord
For Your holy word
I have set before my pathway
As a safeguard when my feet stray;
Surely You can see
My integrity!

Keep my mind and heart
Wholly set apart,
Looking to Your loving kindness,
Shunning every deed of darkness,
Till from foolish pride,
I am sanctified!

Help me testify
To the Lord most high;
Let the nations see His glory
Wondrous in redemption’s story,
May His truth bring forth
Fruit in all the earth!

Lord, deliver me;
From iniquity
Make the ground beneath me even,
Then, with all the saints of heaven,
I’ll Your holy name
Joyfully proclaim!


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