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Hundreds of audiobooks, thousands of podcast episodes, and more. Accessible in the palm of your hand anywhere, anytime.
We will be developing for these platforms:
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an ever-growing library

Hundreds of Audiobooks

Listen to your favorite authors online or offline. We have books from R.J. Rushdoony, Gary North, Stephen Perks, David Chilton, Joel McDurmon, Phil Kayser, and more. Our team of volunteer narrators are always working on new books, so your library will continue to grow!
Reconstructionist Radio Mobile App 2   Victory-in-Jesus-The-Bright-Hope-of-Postmillennialism-greg-bahnsen-Reconstructionist-Radio-Audiobook-podcast-250   in-their-distress-caring-for-the-orphans-Reconstructionist-Radio-podcast   war-room-logo-2016-podcast
Reconstructionist Radio Mobile App 2             Victory-in-Jesus-The-Bright-Hope-of-Postmillennialism-greg-bahnsen-Reconstructionist-Radio-Audiobook-podcast-250

in-their-distress-caring-for-the-orphans-Reconstructionist-Radio-podcast             war-room-logo-2016-podcast

theology applied

Thousands of Podcast Episodes

Christian Reconstruction is all about applying God’s law word to every area of life. Sometimes it’s difficult to figure out what that looks like in different applications. Our team of podcasters produce episodes chocked full of practical, tactical wisdom on bringing scripture to bear on everything from education to the family, business, entertainment, and more.
axe-to-the-root-podcast-new   Chalcedon-Q-and-A-martin-selbrede-reconstructionist-radio-podcast-250   in-their-distress-caring-for-the-orphans-Reconstructionist-Radio-podcast   war-room-logo-2016-podcast
axe-to-the-root-podcast-new             Chalcedon-Q-and-A-martin-selbrede-reconstructionist-radio-podcast-250

in-their-distress-caring-for-the-orphans-Reconstructionist-Radio-podcast             war-room-logo-2016-podcast

Reconstructionist Radio Mobile App 4

Customized Experience

Subscribe to your favorite podcasts, create lists of your favorite audiobooks or save them for alter, sync your library to your device for offline access, take (and share) notes, and more.

Connect With Others

Whether you’re traveling and looking for like-minded brethren to fellowship with, or are new to the faith, we’ll help you connect with other kingdom-minded believers.

Future Features

We have a big vision for this app, with future updates including RSS feeds for news/blog aggregation from your favorite websites, multi-website searching, as well as music streaming, videos & films, events calendar, and a community forum/chat.

Reconstructionist Radio Mobile App 5

Current phase of project: Development

Amount Funded: $9,596/$16,000

Wireframes - $1,500

100% FUNDED!!
This is the planning stage where we decide on the layout and structure of the mobile app. We want the experience to be intuitive and easy to navigate – for both young and old.

Design - $2,500

100% FUNDED!!
The look, feel, and flow are major factors in how often people will use an app. Elegant design paired with unmatched functionality makes this resource hub the go-to destination for Biblical studies and application.

Development - $9,596/$16,000

In order to make our content as accessible as possible, we will be developing both an iOS and android app, as well as a member portal on our website that mirrors the mobile app.

You Can Help Make The App Happen!

We are a completely volunteer-led 501(c)3 organization. 100% of all donations go directly to the project. PLUS they are tax-deductible!
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Website Currently Under Construction

We are in the process of building a new website to go along with our forthcoming mobile app. You may experience glitches in web pages, issues with audio playing, etc. during this time. Please know we are working tirelessly to complete the project, and are extremely excited for you to see it! Join our mailing list to receive the latest news and updates from our team.

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