Host: Scott Alan Buss


Today we dive deep into reminding ourselves of the beautiful and purposefully humbling truth that whatever we may have learned and whatever good thing we may have accomplished, none of those things came our way through our own inherent wisdom, intelligence, or strength. They are all gifts from God.

The better we can understand that often challenging truth and the more we can take it to heart, the more gracious and Christ-like we will be in the way we engage the culture we’ve been called and equipped to conquer by His grace and for His glory.

Get the Battle Cry (intro)

You can download the song and listen to the whole thing, it’s so good! Used with permission from Ligonier Ministries

Get Psalm 2 (outro)

Get the lead sheets here Please support My Soul Among Lions by purchasing their album Psalms 1-10. They are graciously allowing us to use their Psalm 2 track as the outro music for each episode.

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