Summary of the Excommunication Charges and Findings Against Peter Hammond

Church of Christian Liberty of Arlington Heights, Illinois

Charge 1: Responses to the Findings and Excommunication


First, when an inquiry by the board of elders of the Church of Christian Liberty (hereafter CCL) was given to Hammond regarding several accusations that arose against Peter Hammond, his response was not to directly respond to the board of elders, but he rather sent a response to others including church members.

In the response that was given, not all of the questions were answered, important details were left out, and some untruths were written.

Second, it was not until the board of elders of CCL initiated the excommunication of Peter Hammond that he claimed they had no jurisdiction or authority over him as a member or his ministry.

Charge 2: An Inappropriate Sexual Relationship


Let it be known that when first inquired by the board of elders of CCL, Peter Hammond acknowledged that there was an inappropriate relationship with a specific individual, but claimed that it was not sexual, but of another nature. CCL’s first findings dismissed the allegation because of what would later found to be false testimony or unwillingness to go on record by multiple witnesses or those involved. The allegation was reopened once new evidence and testimony was given.

The board of elders of CCL then found, by witness testimony, Peter Hammond guilty of an inappropriate sexual relationship. It is documented that Peter Hammond did finally admit, after several attempts to obfuscate, cover up, and give false or intentional incomplete testimony, that the allegations were true just short of sexual intercourse. Peter Hammond agreed to certain conditions and consequences regarding his effort of repentance, but it was found that he never followed through with these terms.

Charge 3: False Portrayal of Military Service


The board of elders of CCL found that Peter Hammond’s portrayal of his military service per a radio interview was a complete fabrication. When addressed, though Peter Hammond admitted that his testimony on the radio interview regarding his military service was false and that he was never a sniper, Hammond still chose to excuse his behavior.

These findings were further hardened by a reliable military source and personal friend of Hammond who, upon reading the transcript of the radio interview, claimed that Hammond’s “’exploits” were “either overblown, highly improbable, or completely fabricated.” Later this source went on record to say that Hammond was a “conscientious objector…never was in combat…never a sniper…and that he was never in the Special Forces.”

Charge 4: Peter Hammond’s Ordination was False


While CCL did ordain Peter Hammond as a missionary to the people of Africa, this ordination was based on the pretense of his former ordination represented to CCL by Peter Hammond. Upon further investigation, CCL found his prior ordination was false and never occurred.

Charge 5: Refusal to Honor Oaths of Silence


The board of elders of CCL found that after an agreement had been made that there would be an oath of silence regarding the content of those meetings, beyond those meetings, as the items discussed were deemed settled, that Hammond violated this agreement which is documented by various articles and correspondence that shows further efforts to intentionally compromise the truth in favor of Hammond and in several instances, complete fabrications.

Further Information

If you would like more information on this trial, you can contact the Church of Christian Liberty of Arlington Heights, Illinois.

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