The Monstrous Regiment

Reversing the Curse and Smashing Pagan Strongholds

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About The Monstrous Regiment

God has created women in His image to build his Kingdom and to have dominion. This podcast calls Christian women to step up to this responsibility, while encouraging men to fight shoulder to shoulder with us, bringing in all of God’s word to bear on every area of life. 

Sadly, an area in which the church is still plagued with pagan thinking has to do with the role and capabilities of women as image-bearers and dominion-takers, and yet the Bible describes godly women as “terrible as an army with banners.” 

This is not a “Christian Women’s podcast” that limits itself to the key “female” passages like Proverbs 31 and Titus 2, or homemaking tips. We will be applying ALL of scripture to all of life from the perspective of kingdom women.

The Monstrous Regiment features a roundtable of dominion women, from single women to grandmothers, seeking to honor Jesus Christ in applying God’s word fearlessly and faithfully in all callings and seasons of life, both inside and out of the home.

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