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In the tenth edition of the Postmil Report, we shall be glancing at the growth of the kingdom of God in the mega-cities of the South and East, what they are like, how big a part of the world they will hold, and how God is working in their growth and how he is enabling his Church to respond to the needs of these great mega cities. Plus, importantly, how you can get involved.

Also, there are two free bonuses, woo hoo! You will hear me narrate two important articles by Bojidar Marinov on Theonomic missions in the big cities.

⁃ Read “The Next Christendom” here:
⁃ Read “The Beautiful Tree: A personal journey into how the world’s poorest people are educating themselves” here:
⁃ Read “Missionary Methods: St. Paul’s or Ours?” here:

Friend these people working in cities in the South and East
From Lagos, Mr. Nathaniel
From not too far away from Porto Alegre Mr. Frank Brito
In Puebla, Mexico, yours truly,
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