Trade School Funding Program

Scholarships for young Christian men and women looking to get a trade school education
As more and more of the Baby Boomer generation retire and leave the workforce, the void in the skilled trades/vocations will continue to grow. Reconstructionist Radio is seeking to help the youth of the upcoming generation to fill this void by partnering up donors with those who wish to get a trade/tech school education.

Our prayer is that the future need in the skilled trades/vocations will be filled by kingdom-driven men and women of the upcoming generations.


If you are a young man or woman getting ready to graduate from a homeschool or Christian private school, and are seeking to enter the workforce as a skilled tradesmen, please email us at, Subject: Trade/Tech School, with a brief history of yourself and your future plan and goals laid out. You will need to include 1) a brief Christian testimony, 2) the trade/tech school that you are looking to attend, with the specific annual costs needed to complete the course of training, 3) two reference letters of recommendation from friends or family as to your character and qualities that will ensure successful completion of your future training.


If you are a prospective donor that wishes to invest in the upcoming generation in this area, please send your tax-deductible donation by clicking the designated link for the Trade/Tech School Fund. If you would like to fully fund a young man or woman, please contact us prior to donating so that you can review the prospects information and choose accordingly.

Business Owners

We are also compiling a list of interested small business owners who are willing to take on paid apprentices in lieu of a formal trade/tech school education. The goal is to partner those who are in close proximity to one another. If you are a small business owner that is interested in this opportunity to invest in the next generation, email us at, Subject: Apprenticeship Program. We will then add you to our directory so that those interested can get in touch with you to discuss the opportunity further.

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