Without the Biblical Concept of “The Future” There is Only Sex

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Joseph Foreman


Brings 5 ideas together:

1. For all practical purposes the two major obstacles to recreational sex, pregnancy and disease, have been removed.

2. Sexual ethics and much of the social structure adopted to support it are now found unnecessary and oppressive to women in particular who are “freed” from these biological consequences.

3. Labor is increasingly tied to intellectual judgement and freed from physical strength, to produce fruit and personal physical warfare to defend its fruit.

4. If traditional morality is to survive it must demonstrate a positive contribution of God’s Law concerning sex and covenant to the freedom men and women both have from the negative consequences of sexuality and the new possibilities for human growth and development if God’s Law continues to shape society.

5. This fruitful possibility is found not in protection from the negative threat but in the positive development of the Biblical Theological purpose of the creation order as it is restored and Christian society frees itself from the curse that has plagued the Gentiles since God’s Law was first rejected and shows what fruitfulness can be in a world governed the only way it can be which is by God’s law ruling each heart freely. It is this vision of the future we must recover for our Children.


The Reconstructionist Radio Podcast Network presents “Shaping the Future” A podcast series by Joseph Foreman that presents God’s legacy to His Children — the Heritage of His people is a vision of the Future God plans for His Creation to guide their lives as pilgrims through History, making History, shaping the future as we go. His children are the arrows he shoots into the heart of the future to transform it.

From the first verses of the Bible to the Last, God’s people inherit the earth in the same space time history He began in the garden and that story will only be fulfilled only when His City, His Kingdom, is realized in the earth.

It is by His word that we do not merely travel into, but we are ordained to shape that very future.

It never occurred to any culture that change was possible, or normal, or good. The Bible alone, created the idea that the world and humanity were designed to make the future a better place than the past that you will make it that way because God made you to shape the future and he made the future to be shaped by you.

The vision is simple: It is not, “You can change the world.” It is, “God designed you from the foundation of the earth to change it for the better and he designed the earth to be changed by you.”

Moses, the Prophets, and the Apostles envision the future that Jesus Christ, the Word, Wisdom and Architect of the Godhead laid out in Creation, redeemed on the cross and sends his Holy Spirit to achieve in His people. They all looked for God to do something that would reignite His creation purpose and give humanity that will to change all things forward to it.

This podcast is about what that future has been from the beginning.

How Jesus Christ died to secure you for that future and secure that future for you.

In it we will learn to disciple the nations by giving them a future.

So Lets get started.

For the next few Episodes I’m going to talk about our Children and the concept of a Future. Now the Title for Episode #2 is racy to get your attention, I admit it. But there is a serious truth to the idea that without the Future all you have is sex. The fact is, all good things whether it’s a doctrine, or an appetite, or a wise saying, or an ethical code, or moral advice, or Scripture itself, when ripped out of the fabric of space time history it become hollow echoes of reality. You may have all the sound Christian doctrine in the world, and the Law of God Himself in your heart, but if it is not believed and taught and lived as something that changes space time history as we know it, you have only a pile of empty husks. Real husks, but robbed of the vital nourishment they once held. Rinds squeezed dry. Life that has no ultimate impact in God’s creation is ultimately drained of meaning and purpose.

The first thing God tells us.  The First thing, so important that he says it before anything else, is we are like him, in his image, and that Image is what makes it possible for our life to have purpose, which is to transform, to change the world. You take that prime directive out of human life, and it withers and dies, like an unwatered Garden.  The river of life is not just a metaphor. Space time history is the channel through which the river of life, your life, flows. Remove that river remove the purpose of a Transformed earth, remove the future, and you die a purposeless meaningless insignificant death regardless of your accomplishments.

I’ll give you an example:

Parents who baptize their infant children, do it for the same reason that other parents withhold baptism from their children until they can profess their own faith. I know you will be told that this or that verse, this or that theological principle or continuity or discontinuity is the real reason . . . and those things play their part. But the singular reason we do or don’t baptize our children is much, much simpler than that. We want them to be fully part of the Kingdom of God.

These next 2 or three Episodes of Shaping the Future are about that fundamental desire we have for our children . . . they are our future even if we have forgotten what that future is. Whether baptized as infants or as professing teenagers, we do it however we think that we can best make them arrows we launch into the future.

And it is precisely here that most Christians today literally do not believe that the “future” that matters is the part they have to play in creating the future of God’s work in the earth. For these Christians, the real target of life is somewhere outside of the space and time they were born into; will live in; and will will die in. Today’s Christian parents believe they are trying to launch their into Heaven and therefore it doesn’t matter what God’s love for the world might be as long as they get through it.

Scripture presents a very different purpose for arrows and a very different purpose for creation. Arrows are designed to bury deep into the vitals of their target to bring down the enemy who is at your gates.  Arrows like Towers are not designed to reach into heaven.  Blessed is He who has his quiver full when he stands in the gate facing God’s enemies.

Scripture sees our Children as God’s arrows to be released with deadly targeting and intent into the heart of God’s enemies in our culture, in our civilization, in our nation and its politics; Arrows who transform from the heart of all whom they strike.  God’s design is for us to never be contented with external conformity, but always from our heart, to strike deep into the heart of all we are and know transforming God’s enemies into His friends and showing them how to transform their culture into His Kingdom.

It is that future, embraced by God’s people since Eden, that we have taken away from the Church for the last 200 years. We have tried to argue against evolution, and against modernity and post modernity. We have tried to argue for God’s Law, God’s Grace, we have tried to argue for modesty, chastity, freedom, love and toleration and for Biblical Government, We have argued for His sovereign majesty and purpose in all of life, but if anything, our arguments have become more and more irrelevant to modern ears. And we find many Biblical themes such as discipleship, love, care for the helpless taken over by those who represent the spirit of our age as if they are the authors of grace, freedom and ethics. And they use the goodness of these concepts to lure our culture into thinking that it is government that can provide these things and that Christians are haters.

What went wrong?

Starting 200 years ago, we stripped the Truth of God’s word out of the framework of Time and History. It seemed like a spiritual thing to do. It became widely accepted that the end of the world, the rapture and tribulation were at hand and Jesus would soon come to end history and set up his kingdom after burning the world and history as we know it to cinders.  In other words, the Church abandoned, mocked, derided a concept of the future in space time history as it began in the Garden.

At the same time, Christians abandoned God’s vision for the Future, the unbelieving world added to their concept of the supremacy of Man, the very vision of Time and History and the Future that the Church so carelessly discarded. They began to argue and live as if their future of a One World Human race united by raw Government power that would meet every need by force and would forbid all alternative ideas and ministries to meet all needs was inevitable and Good.

The power of the Biblical vision for holiness, for Biblical Government, for Love, for Grace, for God’s law, for modesty and chastity, for humility and service lies only in the belief that the Holy Spirit will be changing His people from the heart in His power not by the power of the state. That his people will model a unity for the earth that is based in their judgment to unite with what is ethically sound, not in government enforcement. This is God’s transforming vision for the world in which He empowers us to labor.  This is perhaps the single most significant aspect of God’s purpose in creation — His purpose to transform the world, the earth from Raw creation wilderness, to Teeming Garden City consummation. It is his first word to the human race in Scripture, it is his last word to the Human Race in Scripture from Genesis 1 to Revelation 22. Our Father has been working and we are working still. His purpose is to establish the work of our hands, “Yea O Lord establish Thou it!”

The full fruit of our abandoning God’s view of history, is we abandoned the only ground of purpose or meaning in the Christian life. That fruit is only beginning to be harvested in our children whom we have not equipped with the Historical Vision of Scripture only a few facts, laws and morals from Scripture. Check out what has changed:

Until 1900 The vast majority of people lived in one place all their life apart from massive migrations, and even then the purpose was to find a place you could prosper and never have to move again. The changes affect fundamentally what we can and cannot impose on each other in our social organizations. I do not mean “may” or “may not” Impose. The things I will list are not moral things, they are the way things are. Morality is what we do about them, not that they exist as our circumstances.

Transportation is personal and universal starting by age 16. You can go anywhere and do anything. The only reason you don’t is because something has happened to the heart of your being and you control where you go and what you do. You Govern your heart and Life by God’s law.

Bedrooms abound at reasonable prices everywhere they are called motels. But most parents spend most of their day somewhere else other than their homes and from about 8-10 years of age until they leave home, most kids are on their own for a few hours in the afternoon until dinner. Most sexual activity takes place in the bed they grew up in or in their parent’s beds.

Families move 3 or 4 times while their children grow up.

The neighbors are not close friends or well known if known at all.

If they attend Church it is usually far from their neighborhood.

Sex no longer leads to pregnancy with very little prevention.

Sex no longer leads to disease again with simple steps and with the drugs we have to treat them.

What all these changes spell is that here is no close community regulation from the outside that naturally operates as a barrier and reinforcement for traditional morality whether taught in the home, the church or in the Christian school.

None of these changes are a threat to Biblical morality.

All of them together spell the end of what you might call externally imposed Natural Law morality which is what the Church has taught until this generation and where it continues to teach it that Church as we have known it will disappear.  Not the Church, but the Top down power oriented church of external conformity. That is not the Church as Christ and His Disciples preached and practiced.

This is something I don’t expect you to get when I say it right now. You will try to fit what I’m about to say into the mold of situation ethics or liberal permissiveness.  But it is neither. So listen, there is no other hope if you believe the Scriptures even though the Church has always stayed away from Biblical morality preferring Biblical rules of morality imposed by strong male leaders.

If there is to be morality in any Christian sense . . . any Biblical Sense, . . . it must come from where the Bible always says it came from, which is not externally imposed discipline, but from out of the transformed heart where the river of life flows.

In the past Nature had natural barriers to profligate behavior. Women could get pregnant, Men and women could get diseases.

The whole neighborhood knew not only you but your great, great grandparents some of whom were still alive and cared for in your home.

There was no place to go and no way to get there anyway.

It is really easy in that environment to believe that Nature and Nature’s God would back up impersonal morality by being in everyone’s business and punishing people and forcing conformity knowing that disease, pregnancy and shaming would get the sinner in the end. So Christian morality made sense. . . as an impersonal set of rules that parents, neighbors and governments like Church imposed on others.

We now have a generation that is not only free of those natural world or natural law restraints, you have to be my age to even remember a time when the last vestiges of these restraints even existed.

In that same time your children have been thoroughly educated by a government system that has insisted that sexuality is a recreational joy to be done as often as you can enjoyably do it by consent.

Every kind of sexual activity is on every child’s telephone and accessible to them 24/7 . . . Oh you have porn blockers on their phone? You home School? Christian School? Their friends don’t.

The government schools are actively recruiting children to accept and experiment with bisexuality and homosexuality.

I want to stop here. Everything I have stated is environmental. That is, it is all around us. It is the parameter of our possible actions.

The natural reinforcements to an externally imposed Christian morality have been removed.

I do not believe they can be reimposed.

But more than that, I don’t think that what Jesus came to do was to establish a world where morality was enforced from the top.

. . . . . . . What? Jesus proposed anarchy?

If Christian morality is eternally valid, it will have to come from a different place. Jesus said it would come from the heart or not at all.  The Church chose “Not at All” when they chose external governmental imposition over the words of Christ and of Paul and John and James and Peter and the rest of the Apostles.

A local reformed Church had a worship team practice and during the break, one of the musicians was also in the youth group. An extremely attractive kid walked up to the musician and asked? “Have you changed your mind yet?”


“Awe come on! God gave you freedom of choice so that you could choose to make love with me. How can it be a sin? It’s God’s greatest gift?”

“Not to the person I marry it won’t be.”

“Marry? Your 15! . . . OK if you call it a sin, Jesus died to forgive us of it and all our mistakes that’s why He gave us a free will.”

While she talked 4 or 5 of the girls and boys listening giggled, jealous that she seemed only focused on him.

That was what a girl in a Reformed Church said to a boy who was refusing to have sex with her. She was standing in a group of girls urging him because he was a drummer in the Church’s music team and therefore cool. It was not even kept a secret . . . except from most of the parents and adults. Everyone knew she was hot for him and it was not a problem. The problem was how could they believe in a God who created sex but didn’t want them to enjoy it?

This scene is played out in our Christian Schools too . . . Oh I meant to tell you she was homeschooled.

You know all this talk about how our kids are walking out of Church and not coming back? I think it has more to do with sex than almost any other thing.

And that’s why I titled this episode, without a vision for the future, all you have left is sex. By that I mean sex becomes everything without a vision for how God’s man and woman are to be sexual in a way that brings about God’s Future, God’s vision. Sex is just a powerful example of what happens to Christian Truth in general, whether morality or theology or philosophy or apologetics, or world view when it is ripped away from God’s purpose for the future and therefore the framework of God’s purpose for your life and your child’s life. Envisioning a world that is beyond God’s redemption; moving the fulfillment of the things we do in God’s world to a realm outside of God’s world; drains the meaning and purpose of the simplest acts and beliefs out of all that is good about life.

I’m saying that a vision of an achievable future is what gives our present actions their meaning, purpose and satisfaction.  When you begin to discover God’s purpose and plan in history to bring it to His grand fulfillment, and your part in it, you then have a basis to put sex — an important part of his plan, perhaps one of the most important parts, certainly the most intensely desirable part in many ways given its ability to motivate — Only God’s Vision for history can put it in the context of the only things capable of giving it not only meaning but fulfillment and therefore a basis for self-control, self-government from the heart.

We cannot hope to teach out kids what sex is, what life is, what law is, what grace is, what chastity and freedom are if we strip these things out of the real historical context in which God explained them to us in His word. 

We have taught our kids next to nothing about sex as God sees their life unfolding in space and time, we have only told them various aspects of its mechanics and some moral rules concerning it. We have tied it to a law that our theology has told them is meaningless anyway because of Grace.

But just stop and look around . . . What the Church never gave its children was something to live for that was bigger than life itself. Bigger than sex.  Bigger than Homosexuality. Yes of course there was salvation . . . but that was reduced to an experience because it was stripped from its context in the purpose of God for the History of the world.

“By Grace are you saved through faith . . . it’s a gift of God”

Saved for what? To have more Bible studies and go to Church? To support an institution that poured billions of dollars into keeping a few weekly meetings going? To be a nicer person?

Where was the Daniel 2 vision for the Kingdom God was bringing in to fill the earth with his glory? Go read any Gospel and underline the word Kingdom. Jesus came preaching a vision of the future, the Kingdom of God. Is personal fulfillment and satisfaction really all the God of the Universe has to offer?  Don’t get me wrong, it sure beats being unfulfilled and dissatisfied the same way a prostitute beats sexual frustration . . . but really, the God of the universe, came and died so that you could personally go be with him when you died some day?  That’s it?  And from now until then He put you here to support an incredibly expensive organization called Church, and find different ways to feel good about yourself and achieve internal balance and peace? Again, not minimizing eternity, not minimizing the peace that passes understanding.  What I am minimizing is the bastardization of these concepts by ripping them out of the fabric of time — God’s unstoppable plan for transforming the heavens and the earth by transforming His people in the earth.

So I ask, “The God of the Universe has nothing more planned for this life, this planet than you grimly hanging on until you die, a virgin, never angry, always submitting, always giving in, always nice? Do you really believe Scripture teaches that the God of all creation cannot fulfill his purpose in that creation beyond saving a few people . . . or lots of people, and then burning his creation to a cinder because he can’t stop it from getting worse and worse . . . or even worse, Do you really believe that God designed the world to get worse and worse? 


Reeeeely? That’s Al Gore’s, and the climate global warming people, but for God? The best God can do is his version of what the climate change people have been telling us? Really? reducing the earth to a cinder?

Really? a loser like Karl Marx or Teilhard de Chardin, or Hegel can have an optimistic worldwide plan to change the earth and all humanity, their plan when implemented by governments in the 20th century murdered 950 million of their citizens and yet because it is still a strong positive vision for the future, it is still the ideal of the intellectuals and millennials today.  But the God of the Universe from whom they stole the idea that the future is a world united by His Spirit and we have a part in making it happen, these people — the Christians — and their God have nothing other than personal fulfillment to offer the lost? Their God of creation cannot even win His war of salvation in the space and the time of His own world? His own creation?

Really? Progressives can have a vision for making the world a better place and for fighting for justice and truth . . . however you might disagree with them . . . But the God of the Universe has nothing to offer his people concerning justice or real world truth (only internal buddhist balance type truth) And in the world this God offers a very expensive club called Church and personal fulfillment called “salvation?” and a whole bunch of rules that keep you from ever having fun?

Look, you can quibble if you want, but the kids see it this way and they are walking out. The glory of God and His World and His purpose has been reduced, stripped down, to personal fulfillment, some chastity rules, and trying to build enclaves with people who are just like them.

He came and died for personal fulfillment?

Do you really think that is what the Bible says?  I know you say no.  I say No.  We don’t just say No we say, . . . what do we say?

The fact is for the vast majority of Christians the answer is “yes” that is exactly what they think the Bible says, and they are grimly hanging on wondering at what point they will be raptured off the sinking boat that is by now a total loss beyond the power of God to do anything about it except torch it.

For many other Christians they claim to have a positive view of the future, but it is all in terms of translating God’s law into a strong set of rules and vigorously enforcing them. They long for the golden age of old when the natural laws of nature reinforced their vigorous application of God’s law from the outside with proper authority systems of male enhanced discipline.

But Paul did not stop with “you have saved by Grace,” and neither did Jesus.

The two of them never saw this way of strong top down discipline as being the answer even when the natural order of things reinforced this approach to the law of God.

After saying you are saved by Grace, Paul went on to say, “For we are his workmanship created in Christ Jesus to walk in the Good works he planned from the foundation of the world.” Philippians 2:11

What I want to do . . .

Is to . . . I want to introduce you to a very different God, the God of Scripture. The God who forms you to literally be his special personal instrument whereby He shapes the future and shapes a future which he will form through you. I want you to introduce your children to this God. Not the God of isolated truths hanging in midair in some catechism or some holy book of wise sayings or book of church orders. But those same ideas in space time history their lives, transforming their world.

I want you to find him in every verse and Bible story you teach them. I want you and your children to know Him, and know the power of His resurrection. I want you to join in fellowship with His suffering. Not as an idea that becomes real in another world, but as the reality of the servant you and your children are in this one the world God created you in and created just for you. Don’t stop praying with your children until God opens a door of sacrificial ministry, for instance, and go do it with them.

But there is more. I want you to stop stripping your life, your relationship with God and with your children, or parents, out of the story of your family which has been preserved for you in Scripture.

What I want to give you is a legacy that you can give to your children as you teach them from earliest years, whether you baptize them at birth or later on, it is THE legacy that comes with all baptism, without it Baptism is only one more magical ritual from a mumbling priest. They are baptized into the Kingdom that Comes through their life and vision, they play a huge part in it, a part God scripted for them from the foundation of the world. “You are God’s workmanship, Rhyse, Josie and Elinor, God’s craftsmanship, Juin, Paul and Joseph, God’s work of art, Anne and Zak and Brittany and Mila. Made to walk in all the works he has prepared for you Dmitri, Eden and Eve.” Your part which only you can play because only you are you and only your heart is the Holy of Holies out of which the River of life flows to the part of the world that only you will experience all of your life..

Once you see it, you won’t need me or Geerhardus Voss or Klaus Schilder, or Van Til or Rushdoony or Gary North, or Charles Stanley or John MacArthur, or anyone else to teach you.

Once you see it you will see it in every verse, every story. You will teach every lesson, argue every argument, tell every Bible story, memorize and repeat every law, as your child’s story, as God’s personal promise to them “I Am the Lord YOUR God, you shall have no other God’s before ME.” You will see the world through the personal eyes of God’s law from the heart because it is personally spoken to you and written to you on the walls of your heart, your innermost being, the sanctuary of the Most High God where a river of life is flowing out of you into this world, this space time history you are in.

When the heart is the source of your government, you can walk through a room piled with cocaine, hold in your pocket day and night a device that hooks you into any perverted act you could imagine and most you can’t, you can listen to a girl proposition you at age 15 and answer back, “You know what I want for you? I want you to know the God who can make your life real so you don’t have to think that sex with me is worth exercising your free will over. When you know this God and what he has done in the past and what he is going to use you to do in the future will put everything in perspective and you can know real freedom of will.”

I am the Lord, Jeremy’s God, Jeremy? Don’t put anything higher than that relationship with Him. Josh, and Laurel, the Bible is the story of your ancestors your family, who changed the world, just like you will. Caitlin, Hunter and Jesse, it is the story of the God who personally tells it to them and through them your children like Remington, Judah and Maverick, and they tell that story to you.

Let’s start with Creation. And Jump to Consummation as if nothing happened in between. The Space and Time and Purpose of Creation is the same Space and time and Purpose of the Great Wedding Feast of the Lamb, the Great City of God! There is nothing in between that will keep God from establishing His world through His people from raw jungle and dessert to lofty mountain to hurricanes at sea striking land. Go be Fruitful, Multiply, Fill that earth and rule over it. It is that design and purpose coming down out of heaven to kiss the earth and set his people lose to do it. The same history that saw it begin will see it come to utter multiplied pressed down and running over fruition.

What you do in this life does matter for eternity.  BUT IT MATTERS FOR THIS LIFE! AND THAT IS WHY IT MATTERS IN ETERNITY!  We are not a bunch of Greek Neoplatonists for whom only the ideal or the heavenly or spiritual or mental or the philosophical realm of thought matters. This life matters to God. This is His creation He will not abandon it.  Do you want proof other than Jesus died for this world? Proof is He created YOU.

I’m going to show you in the next podcasts how you can teach the first three chapters of Genesis as the introduction to the historical framework that makes everything else in the Bible meaningful, and everything else you do in your life purposeful. It called time. God’s plan in history to redeem the world we moderns call space. Time and Space are the fabric of History, the story God in this world to make it what he planned from the beginning. No more bloodless doctrines. No more rituals, presided over by priests who peep and a mutter, only the feast of God’s Kingdom will do for worship which is life itself. He gave himself for the life of the world.

Thank you for listening to Reconstructionist Radio’s podcast, Shaping the future, I’m Joseph Foreman. We hope this podcast inspires and equips you to go and exercise dominion for Christ’s kingdom, confident that He will establish it through you and your children and your children’s children to the thousandth generation of those who love him and keep his commandments.



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